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The Wonders of Using a Moisturiser with SPF

We’re probably known to consume more sunscreen and other sun protection products than any other country. But while sunscreen is a holy grail in our everyday lives, we can’t forget another equally important skin product—moisturiser. But what if you can protect your skin from sun damage while properly moisturising it with one product? How does the best moisturiser with SPF work and is it really effective? Let’s find out.

What Does a Moisturiser with SPF Do?

SunSmart’s national position statement says that every year, more than 11, 500 Australian men and women are diagnosed with melanoma, a skin cancer that usually occurs on the parts of the body that have been overexposed to the sun. 80% of the newly reported cancer cases in Australia are skin cancer.

A large body of evidence suggests that we should be sun-protected all year round. More and more people areopting for daily moisturisers that contain SPF and UV filters. It makes sense to have SPF in any skincare routine to help prevent sunburn as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. SPF is one of the best anti-ageing measures we can have, so good for you if you’re using an SPF 30 cream or any other product induced with SPF. And while we haven’t fully understood combining moisturisers with sun protection, its popularity definitely tells us that it must be working. How do you keep your skin hydrated and glowing while protecting it from the sun’s rays?

The Benefits of Using a Moisturiser with SPF

You have to remember that sunscreen is not a skin ingredient. It’s a very important layer in your everyday skincare and should come before makeup. In order for it to be effective, it is regulated as a drug. Hence, it comes with an SPF requirement which leaves room for other skin ingredients.

  • It’s important to know that sunscreen works as its own layer and not just an addition to moisturiser. 
  • Having an SPF and hydrating product in one bottle takes heaps off of your skin routine. You’ll feel refreshed, glowing, and all-day hydrated skin while having sun protection. If you’re the gal on the go, you definitely need this!
  • We can’t say this enough. Sun protection is a staple in skin routine. You think you’re getting enough sun protection but not really, because you forgot the sunscreen part of your skin care steps. Moreover, if you’re using SPF sparingly, sun damage can accumulate and worsen to skin cancer. With the best moisturiser with spf Australia, hydrator, or correcting cream, you have one less step to worry about.


Power Up Anti-Ageing with an SPF Moisturiser

We always look for moisturisers for the late 30s or 40s skin which means we are rightfully concerned about the fine lines and wrinkles becoming more obvious on our face. In this case, go ahead and preserve your collagen and elastin levels with an effective face moisturiser for very dry skin or an SPF-formulated cream. A good product combines hydration, SPF protection, and antioxidants. You get to protect your skin barrier and retain your youthful, healthy look with deep hydration.

On the other hand, antioxidants increase your UV protection by defending the skin against damage by the environment such as dirt, overexposure, and free radicals. Combined, your collagen levels degrade, providing skin elasticity and reducing the signs of ageing.

The skin’s natural ageing process makes many of us experience discoloration and uneven skin tone through certain parts of the skin. We can avoid and minimise this through proper sun protection while staying moisturised with products that contain SPF.

An SPF-formulated Product Should Play Nice

We’ve already discussed the benefits of using moisturisers with SPF but what can happen if you continue to use them individually?

  • There’s a high chance of getting that greasy feeling because the product doesn’t fully absorb into the skin
  • You may experience pilling which happens when you use and layer multiple products before and after makeup on your face. This doesn’t work well most of the time.
  • If you layer moisturiser or hydrator on top of sunscreen or vice versa, it’s not going to be comfortable. Combining the two is more sensible and you’ll leave feeling lightweight with a product that quickly absorbs

Using Other SPF Products Aside from Moisturiser with SPF

Australia is probably the sunburn capital of the world and that’s because we live an outdoorsy lifestyle and our outdoors, while great, overly exposes us to harmful UV rays. We need sun protection as much as we need water. How do you make sure to make the best out of your SPF moisturiser or any other SPF-formulated product?

  • You can use Germaine De Capuccini’s Tinted CC Sun Cream with SPF50 which is one of the lightest SPF products in the market. It contains a great protective system of stem cells keeping your skin regenerated while stopping the process of aging. Plus, you can wear it on its own, as a base, or over makeup!
  • If you’re worried about having clearer skin and a smoother complexion, take advantage of our glycolic acid Booster Concentrate which improves overall skin texture and minimises the appearance of large pores. 
  • You might be an emulsion fan, and with good reason, since it provides milky moisture as a water-based product, in which case, you’ll love the Golden Caresse Face Anti-Age SPF50 Emulsion. This SPF50 moisturiser leaves you hydrated enough to use it as a day cream. Then, enjoy a lightweight feeling on your face with added SPF for that extra sun protection. Perfect for people who want to avoid the greasy, sticky, invasive feeling of other SPF creams and moisturisers. 

Make sure you’re always protected, hydrated, and moisturised all throughout the day and the year while keeping your youthful look. For best results and if you’re unsure about your current skincare routine, get in touch with a skin professional you trust. Or book an obligation-free chat for a simple skin analysis with us.

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