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Top 5 Best Skincare Products Everyone Needs

Many times as Skin Therapists we get asked, “What are The Best Skin Care Products?”, so i thought i would take this opportunity to answer this question…

The first thing i would like to say is, its not about a particular range, its about finding something that respects the skins natural health and it does not matter if you are 16yrs or 75yrs, if you get the right level of water (ie: Hyaluronic Acid) and oils (ie: EFAs) your skin will thrive, its a bit like finding the perfect balance of water and food for plants!!

So here goes..The 5 Best Skin Care Products Every Skin Needs:

1) The first product that everybody needs is what we call hydration prep.

Commonly known as a toning lotion but unlike the old fashioned lotions, where they were more astringent, these ones are very much products that really help saturate the skin with lots of moisture. It starts actually lifting the water level up in the skin, so therefore when you put a serum or moisturiser on after, it actually increases the penetration of the treatment products so it saves you money. My favourite is the Excel 02 toner which is one of our best selling products and an absolute essential for all skins

Try Excel O2 Toning Lotion

2) My next go-to would be the eye cleanser.

My favourite is called Options Eye Makeup Remover which is not the best name because it’s actually a treatment eye cleanser. It’s high in hyaluronic acid which is a moisture binding ingredient, it draws the moisture to the skin and instantly starts plumping it so any little fine dehydration lines will start to become less visible. To use, you simply soak a cotton round and hold over the eys for 10-30 seconds to break down any eye make up, and then wipe in a downward movement. To use it as an at home treatment, soak two cotton rounds, pop it over the eyes, lay down for 10 or 15 minutes and give the eyes a real treatment. So that would be an essential as it saves you money in your eye cream as well. You’ll get better penetration from your eye cream because it’ll work its way into the skin instead of being quickly absorbed.

Try Option Eye Makeup Remover

3) A lot of you that know me, know this is one of my favorites. The Hydraforce Serum is in our Hydracure range.

It’s all about saturating the skin with moisture molecules. It has 100% hyaluronic acid and the beauty of it is it’s in three molecular weights. So you are actually adding water, when you think of three molecular weights think of them like magnets or sinkers. What happens is the smaller one is a really heavy sinker and it goes right down into the deeper layers and instantly starts to swell between our structural layers so this gives us a great plumping effect and perfect for those skins that are worried about ageing. Medium molecular weight would be a sinker that’s not quite as heavy as the first one I explained. But basically what it’s doing is it’s penetrating to the point where it’s sitting about middle of the skin. So medium molecular weight starts to fill up all our water reservoirs with lots of water. So it’s like we have big grapes throughout the skin. As we get dehydrated, they turn into sultanas or they start emptying out, so we need to swell those back up with water. This gives the skin better microbiome health. So youre good and bad bacteria is controlled by medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid. And then the last one is what we call high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This is the most common in the market. 95% of skin care products that contain hyaluronic acid have high molecular weight, it’s certainly great to have that but it’s fantastic to have the other two as well. It works directly on the epidermis, which is the surface layer of the skin, it will stop water evaporation. So it acts like a spa cover, if we leave it without a cover it will lose water where if we put the cover on our water level will stay the same. So it acts as a barrier and helps to lock all that moisture level in and stops things like sensitivity, irritation and will also help with breakouts and healing of the skin. So the Hydraforce Serum it’s the perfect step as a pre serum, and anybody can use it. Even if you’re using another serum at home, it will help increase the benefits by adding water underneath that serum.

Try Hyaluronic Force Serum

4) Another top essential especially during the cooler months when we need essential fatty acids is the Nourishment Elixir.

This product is from the Timexpert rides range and contains five different essential fatty acids, it is what we call a dry oil so it doesn’t feel heavy or thick on the skin. And this is used on top of a serum or you can mix it in with a moisturiser (some people choose just to add a little bit to the hands and put it onto the skin before they put their foundation on if you finding that your foundation is sinking into the skin) So if you’ve got quite an oil dry skin type which generally affects more your ladies that are age 30 plus your oil level starts to deplete after this age.

Try Nourishment Elixir Oil

5) Last but not least would definitely be our CC cream in the Excel 02 range.

This is what we call a treatment foundation. It gives you great coverage without actually making you look older.mOr if you have open pores or a few little breakouts it won’t tend to emphasize those so best used on a freshly moisturised skin. It’s high in hyaluronic acid which is you’re hydrating ingredient and also licorice, it helps to reduce any inflammation and it contains an SPF 30. It also adjusts to six different color spectrums so it is guaranteed to nail almost every single skin color. I haven’t met one person that can’t use it. So I highly recommend the CC cream as foundations and powders are one of our worst enemies in the skincare world.

Try Excel O2 CC Cream

So I hope this helps to give you a bit of a summary of what are my top five products and if you do have any questions don’t hesitate to call us here at the Australian and New Zealand head office. Contact Details are on the website or of course visit our friendly stockists, which we have around Australia and New Zealand.

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