Timexpert Rides Absolute Nourishment Elixir 30ml

(25 customer reviews)


Absolute nutrition, beauty, and comfort

Why our customers love it.

A dry oil facial serum with a refined texture and a silky touch magnified thanks to the Jasmine Essential Wax. The skin instantly feels the nutrition.

It contains 7 different EFA’s to instantly nourish the skin without making it feel oily.

A true discovery for the skin. Provides the richest care for restoring comfort and suppleness to dry skin. Formulated to treat dry, very dry, and sensitive skin on a quest for relief.

This sensory anti-aging serum provides nourishment, comfort, and suppleness to the skin.

  • A must for anyone over 30 as it plumps and fills wrinkles with Pro Collagestine Fill technology
  • Gives instant relief for skin that is suffering due to harsh climates.
  • Provides absolute nutrition for extreme dehydration in oncological patients.
  • Essential reinforcement for dry skin caused by hormone changes and menopause.
  • Best moisturiser for dry skin


Watch the video below to find out more.


Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


A nourishing elixir packed full with essential fatty acids. Watch video below to find out more.

It is designed to firm and reduce wrinkles whilst providing the skin with intense rejuvenation and nourishment. This Elixir contains our exclusive Pro-Collagestine Fill technology to boost collagen production combined with 7 plant oils to provide powerful nutrition. With a light, non-greasy texture this oil is especially recommended for dry skin.

Recommended for

Ages 30 years and over
Skin showing fine lines and wrinkles
Ideal for dry, very dry or sensitive skin


  • Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology boosts natural collagen and elastin production to minimise lines and wrinkles.
  • Lupeol stimulates new collagen production to achieve firmer skin.
  • Alaria Esculenta Extract rejuvenates the cells with a detoxifying effect.
  • Winter Rose, Amber, Sesame, Hazelnut, Apricot, Almond and Corn Oil provide Omega 6 & 9, vitamins and antioxidants to aid regeneration and reinforce the protective barrier of the epidermis.
  • Jasmine Essential Wax provides a smooth and silky feeling from the first application.
Proven Results
Effectiveness test on 50 women aged 31 – 69 for 1 month applying morning & night:
Faded expression lines and wrinkles 76%
Firmer skin 84%
Deeply nourished skin 86%
More supple skin 88%
Immediately smooth skin 100%

How to use

Apply 1 to 2 pumps, in the morning and at night, on the clean skin of the face, neck, and décolleté.
Use alone or before your treatment cream.


25 reviews for Timexpert Rides Absolute Nourishment Elixir 30ml

  1. Anonymous (store manager)

    Lovely product feels lovely on your skin

  2. Anonymous (store manager)

    Love it, really makes a difference

  3. Catherine Shipman (store manager)

    Brilliant oil makes your skin feel fantastic and a lot younger perfect

  4. Alice Carroll (store manager)

    Repeated purchase a great product. Again wish were cheaper and more accessible

  5. Helen

    Ive been mixing this with my Pro 60 Cream as my skin gets so dry in winter and it works miracles. It makes my skin feel instantly hydrated and dewy instead of dry and flaky. one of my favourites!

  6. Shirley Gilchrist (verified owner)

    Love it.

  7. Sarah (verified owner)

    This makes my skin glow and be perfectly hydrated. Has helped reduce the appearance of my fine forehead lines.. I love it!

  8. Cathy Bourn (verified owner)

  9. Kylie G. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! Only just added this to my collection and I know I will never be without this product now. The smell is devine and your skin is left feeling so soft.

  10. Kylie G. (verified owner)

    I don’t know how I lived without this product! It feels and smells amazing. You wake up with baby soft skin. Minimal amount is used making it a cost effective product.

  11. Kay Starr (verified owner)

    I had very dry skin from sickness and the Elixir has helped.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Barbara-Anne Johnson (verified owner)

    Use it before going to bed and the residue on my hands is wonderful after all the hand washing

  14. Linda Brian (verified owner)

    perfect night serum lasts for ages to

  15. Diane Mckend (verified owner)

    This product is fantastic and the smell is divine

  16. Alice Carroll (verified owner)

    Repeated purchase a great product. Again wish were cheaper and more accessible

  17. Catherine Shipman (verified owner)

    Brilliant oil makes your skin feel fantastic and a lot younger perfect

  18. Trusted Customer (verified owner)

    Lovely product feels lovely on your skin

  19. Trusted Customer (verified owner)


  20. Trusted Customer (verified owner)


  21. Trusted Customer (verified owner)

    This product is incredible. I love it. I got the free sample with another product before it was released and I knew I had to buy it when it officially came out. It feels smooth and luxurious and smells divine!! It has improved the appearance of my skin in general and has also lessened lines and wrinkles on my face and neck. Absolutely amazing product! Definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!!

  22. Trish H. (verified owner)

    This is a great elixir & pairs perfectly with the T Rides Global Cream. Really loving these two products.

  23. Ya Weng Wong (verified owner)

  24. Raylea (verified owner)

    Just WOW this is just WOW for your skin

  25. sue michelon (verified owner)

    Love this product especially with the constant mask wearing during COVID

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