*T Lift (IN) Vector Serum 50ml + Hyaluronic Force Serum 15ml


What it is

A powerhouse pair of serums to restore firmness to skin from the inside out, like a ‘facelift in a bottle’.

What it does

Our Timexpert Lift products contain a key ingredient called VMatrix. This technology is unique to GDC and we are the only skincare company in the world that improves elasticity by tightening the vertical structure fibres of the skin.

T Lift Vector Lift Serum is a powerful concentrate that reduces the size of open pores, and immediately smooths, lifts and redefine facial contours..

Our clinical trials showed an 86% improvement of the firmness of the facial contour and softening of the nasial labial lines (the lines from the noes to the mouth).

Hyaluronic Force Serum is our #1 seller & the must have for any skin – a unique formula containing three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, with the ability to penetrate every layer of the skin and plump and fill it with moisture, increasing the penetration of the TLift Serum for better results.

It instantly goes to work reducing blackheads, filling wrinkles, calming sensitive and providing a healthy dewy looking skin.

What it contains

T Lift Vector Lift Serum  50ml

Hydracure Hyaluronic Force Serum 15ml


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