LED is a non-invasive, fast and effective skin treatment that uses the energy of light to repair tissue and rejuvenate the skin.

– Stimulates collagen & elastin to improve lines, wrinkles and sun damage
– Slows the development of bacteria for smoother, clearer skin with less
– Reduces pigmentation, uneven skin tone and brightens dull skin
– Soothes skin to reduce redness and sensitivity

The Science

-Originally used by Nasa to increase wound healing and regenerate muscles (and plants grew 150-200% faster)
– Evidence based LED wavelengths stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate – fuel the cells need to produce new healthy cells).
-Rapidly declining collagen (which give the skin that plumped look) & elastin (which helps regenerate skin firmness) are stimulated in the dermal layer by the fibroblast cells & our cells are given a ‘full tank of fuel’ so we start producing collagen & elastin like younger skin

Our Difference

The LED-XPERT machine uses unique High Density Diode (HDD) Technology

– 2440 light diodes, more than any machine on the market
– More lights deliver quicker results in less time (15min)
-4 colours to treat more skin conditions
-2 part system for face and neck/déc
-Fits like a second skin to give better skin contact
-An easy add on to treatments


Rejuvenation (red)
Reduced Wrinkles 96%
Increased Firmness 96%
Increased Luminosity 100%

Pigmentation (green)
Lighter Dark Spots 100%
More Even Skin Tone 100%

Imperfections (blue)
Less Imperfections 100%
Reduction of oiliness 100%

Sensitivity (yellow)
Reduced redness 100%
Reduced roughness 100%

The above results were achieved after 1-3 sessions on 41 volunteers, aged 14-70

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