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Best Skincare Products for the 30s and Up

As cliche as it may sound, you’re not the same person you were ten years ago. There’s a great chance that your skin has also changed and you don’t have that vibrant, youthful 24-hour glow and plumpness you used to have. It’s because your skin’s collagen levels and production decreases. That’s the reality of the ageing process and the reason why you have the option of getting the best skincare products you need.

Why Does it Matter to Get the Best Skin Care Products?

You don’t have to sit and watch yourself get more visible fine lines and wrinkles while you’re still young and not even halfway through living your best life yet. It also makes sense to only use the best skincare products suited for you right now. More than the hype of the latest serum and cream to hit the shelves, you should invest only in the ones that your skin needs:

There’s never a foolproof routine because not everyone has the same skin. And your 30s is the period in your life where you start to acquire fine lines, dullness, and fatigue which would naturally show, sometimes earlier than expected.

The Best Skin Care Products and Tips for Your Routine

Making a few changes in your routine including a few replacements of product choices here and there will be the best gift you can give your skin:

Get an Expert’s Prescription

We don’t always know what we need and the same is true when it comes to skincare. Lest you get swayed with the hype around products like vitamin c or hyaluronic acid serum, check with your dermatologist or get a skin consultation first. A personalised prescription will do wonders for your routine and your skin at this point in time.

Whatever your level of skin goals, be it battling premature ageing, getting rid of dullness, or just trying to stay hydrated, you’ll be better off with an expert’s advice.

Use a Gentle Cleanser

Many women have irritable, intolerant, sensitive skin so picking the right products is vital to maintaining healthy skin. It’s easy to choose harsh and overly active ingredients as well as high acid levels. However, when cleansing at least, your skin needs a gentle touch so don’t overdo it. Use a gentle cleanser and stick to it.

Trust Your Vitamin C

Been loving the sun a little too much in your youth? It won’t be surprising when you notice pigmentation and sun damage surfacing in your 30s. But you can do something about it.

Fight free radicals and neutralise sun damage with a Vitamin C product. If you want pure and 100% Vitamin C to incorporate into your skincare routine, get Germaine de Capuccini’s vitality cream for healthier-looking and smoother skin within days. Vitamin C powers collagen production to reduce dark spots and even out your skin tone so your pigmentation worries will go

Seriously, Moisturise

Overcoming dehydration in your 30s means choosing a moisturiser that provides deep and intense hydration. Our Hydracure Hydractive Cream does just that. It’s the best moisturiser for dry skin and is also super lightweight and silky, containing three different (molecular) weights of hyaluronic acid. The latter is a powerhouse ingredient where your skin can draw its moisture leaving your skin glowing and hydrated all day long. You also have the option to invest or splurge in other workhorse moisturisers granted that they are worth the splurge. Go for active ingredients and those that are high in collagen.


Mind the Sun, Choose SPF

Even if you’re not exposing yourself to the sun a little too much, we also recommend using moisturisers with SPF. Incorporating SPF in your skincare routine and best skincare products would take away heaps off your routine having both a moisturiser and sun protection in one product. We know by now that SPF should always be part of our sun-filled lives. And if you can, get one that also contains age-defying ingredients.

When you’re constantly exposed to the sun regardless of where you live, your cell turnover is messed up. Experts say that most of us will not only show signs of (premature) ageing but also sun damage when we reach our 30s, so really, having SPF in our skincare should be a priority.

As young as you think you still are, it’s always a good decision to use products that are targeted to take care of your 30-something self and more.

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