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Serum Vs Moisturiser

Remember the old days when your mum’s biggest skincare dilemma was whether to by Ponds or Oil of Ulan moisturiser? How times have changed, and the advances in science and…
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Best home peeling skincare

I spent over half my life in the Beauty Industry. Like many Beauty Therapists, I see a lot of skin. When I meet new people, and they find out about…
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Blue Light – The New Enemy

Blue Light – The New Enemy Are you regularly exposed to electronic screens, heating, cleaning products or simply ‘fresh’ air? These are the three main types of pollution that damage…
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Best Homecare for Micro

Microdermabrasion remains as one of the most popular treatments that clinics, spas and salons are offering in Australia and New Zealand. Microdermabrasion resurfaces the skin by removing the build up…
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A 9-Step Guide to Anti-Ageing Skin Care

We hold these truths to be universal among skin professionals: First, you should moisturise. Second, don’t ever forget sunscreen—not even during cold weather. Then again, your anti-ageing skin journey shouldn’t…
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Skin Needling: Aftercare, Tips, Dos & Don’ts

Before lockdowns happened, modern, non-invasive treatments such as skin needling were already building popularity. Today, the new normal has been synonymous to the changes in the average person’s shopping behavior.…
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Safe Skin Care During Cancer Treatment

For most people, a cancer diagnosis is devastating. The thought of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and all the negative side effects can be overwhelming.  So skin care can seem like one…
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Does Your Skin Need A Lift?

So you’re staring in the mirror one day wondering what’s happened.  You don’t look like you did in your 20s or even your 30s and suddenly it hits you. It’s…
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Firm and lift sagging skin

Slowing the effects of ageing is the Holy Grail for many people. Staying youthful never goes out of fashion. This is why Firming and lifting sagging skin and wrinkle treatments…
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Best Eye Make Up Remover

How to choose the right eye make-up remover? Your choice of eye make-up remover can get a bit overlooked in the scheme of skin care priorities. But I’m here to…
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