Our Story – Where luxury meets advanced results

Germaine De Capuccini, has been creating and developing cutting-edge skincare and cosmetic solutions for over 50 years. A commitment to pioneering skincare solutions have allowed the company to grow from its humble Spanish origins to one of the world’s leading skincare specialists. Stocked in more than 20,000 spas and salons across 85 countries, Germaine De Capuccini carefully selects only the highest quality salons and spas in Australia to partner with to ensure all of our clients receive the very best luxury skincare experience.

At the heart of all Germaine De Capuccini products and treatments is research and innovation. With decades of scientific research from our team of professionals in Spain, we apply highly active ingredients inspired by nature and modernized by nano-technology to all of our products.

The latest scientific discovery developed by Germaine De Capuccini contains Epigenol and is a first of its kind. Available in the Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert SRNS Range, this high performing ingredient revitalizes the youthfulness proteins (which are switched off when ageing begins).  The skin results after one single application include firmer, more hydrated and less visible wrinkles. It’s this type of product advancement that Germaine De Capuccini prides itself on and has our customers experiencing clinically proven results.


Our values


We ensure only the best quality ingredients are used in Germaine De Capuccini products to deliver exceptional results. With a team of over 300 specialised professionals working in our advanced laboratory in Europe, each product and treatment is subject to rigorous effectiveness testing to ensure our high product standards are met.


We firmly stand against any animal testing and do not test any Germaine De Capuccini products on animals.


Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions has been recognised through the CO2zero certificate, an award to companies that make a long-term commitment to reducing and compensating for any emissions.


Our products deliver what we claim. We back all of our products with a 100% money back guarantee.