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Top 3 Causes of Dry Skin and How to Treat It

It’s that time of the year when we’re all too aware of thicker blankets and our couch potato needs. The longer nights and temperature drops  tells us we should be very much bothered about the cold and what it does to our skin. It’s common to have dry skin occasionally but more than other seasons, winter always subjects us to lack of skin moisture which then results in small, dry flakes, and itching. Find out how you can give your skin some love in this dry, humid air.

What Causes Dry Skin?

The “winter itch” according to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is a very common skin condition during winter or when the humidity is relatively low. It can happen to anyone at any age and gender—regardless of how healthy your skin is. 

Imagine this. You’re ready to relax in your pyjamas with a cup of hot chocolate watching Netflix. Until you notice your skin’s redness and the itching becomes uncomfortable. And while it’s pretty obvious that lack of moisture especially in the cold weather causes constant dry skin problems, there are also others that you just can’t ignore:

1.  Seasons and Weather Conditions

Let’s face it. Too hot, we burn, too cold we freeze and our skin suffers the worst way possible because of exposure to extreme and humid temperatures in both cold and hot weather. Without enough water, in the top layer of the skin, it doesn’t function properly which is sometimes caused by decreased amount of protective skin oil. Pay more attention to your skin and try to see how to switch up your skincare for winter.

2. Hot Baths and Cold Showers

Everyone love long, luxurious baths and showers whether you’re having them in the tub with a glass of wine nearby or the pool sipping margaritas in between laps. However, pools can be heavily chlorinated which is harmful to your skin and staying too long in the hot tub is just as bad. Try to tone it down and limit your bathing time to ten minutes during winter. And if it’s too cold, shower in lukewarm instead of hot water.

3. Detergents and Bath Soaps with Harsh Ingredients

There are a lot of skin products formulated to remove oil from your skin and most of them are soaps in your favorite brands. But if you really want to relieve dry skin on body, try replacing your soap and choose the ones with hydrating ingredients, like our Perfect Forms Shower Gel (we love this one because it contains lots of hydrating algae) but also recommend those that have plant oils such as vegetable oils, cocoa butter, olive oil, aloe vera, jojoba, and avocado

How to Treat Dry Irritated Skin

What causes dry skin? So goes the eternal no-brainer question. When the dry air creeps in with the cold weather and the comfort of long nights, skin itchiness become worrisome and is in it for the seasonal haul or longer. Sometimes it’s not really about underlying skin conditions or finding the right skin care product.  Aging skin can be a factor to dryness too, regardless of the season. But finding relief for extra dry skin doesn’t have to be that challenging since there are more than enough options to treat it. Check them out in the steps below:

1. You Should be Prepared and So Should Your Home

When the air is dry we tend to have extremely dry skin. This is true for winter because the air is dry both outdoors and indoors. Since we love to stay home and take advantage of the cozy mood, our skin is going to be vulnerable from the dryness of the air. We suggest installing a humidifier to maximize the moisture in the area of your house where you spend most of your time.

2. Moisturise

Without a shadow of a doubt, you probably guessed this because it’s one of the most basic and most popular solutions in the history of skin care and dry skin treatment. You just have to find the right product and you don’t have to look far. Germaine De Capuccini offers a moisturiser and hydrator with its  Hydracure Hydractive Cream. This advanced hydration cream with a lightweight, silky feel comes in a 50ml size, guaranteed to be worth every drop. But while there are many moisturising products out there, you have to choose one that fits your skin’s needs.

3. Exfoliate

We know that serums are the bomb and our very own Hyaluronic Force Serum is exactly what us ladies need for thirsty skin in dire need of water. But even if we religiously apply and commit to it as our holy grail in skincare routine, it’s just not enough sometimes to rely on hydration on moisturising.  Dry skin will remain dry when you don’t add some exfoliation. Try a gentle scrub like our Excel Therapy Silky Scrub Enzyme Exfoliant. This super gentle scrub comes with lactic acid to help you hydrate and exfoliate while covering signs of premature aging. If your skin is more sensitive then skip the exfoliator and use a wet wash cloth in treating your routine.

4. Stop with The Scratching

Your skin is already irritated and we understand that the itch is very distracting and uncomfortable but scratching won’t help. It will only worsen the dryness and may cause infection if you forgot to sanitize and wash your hands. Use a moisturiser to manage the itch or apply a cold pack to relieve itchiness. You’re better off without scars no matter how tempting it is to scratch. Just don’t.

5. Shy Away From Bath Scrubs, Sponges, and Washcloths

You want to get rid of impurities. We get it. But scrubbing too much and using a sponge on your body when bathing can be harsh and therefore damages your skin. If you’re too fond of your scrubs and sponges then make sure to use them lightly on your body. Then towel-dry lightly as well or use an oil-based exfoliant like our Perfect Forms Oil Phytocare Tonic Scrub. This product is rich in EFAs from organic baobab oil and can be gently buffed off with a dry towel, leaving behind super soft skin.

So now we know what causes dry skin the most. And we discussed some of the most basic ways you can relieve skin dryness and have a better chance of coping with the cold weather while keeping your skin pampered and moisturised. Paired with a healthy diet high in essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and regular intake of water, plus the right skincare products, you’ll have little to worry about and will be more than prepared for this season. Go on and brave the cold with a happy skin.









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